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Jobs, icon of convergence

07 October 2011

For the last decade Steve Jobs has been the natural replacement to Jack Welch as the prominent business icon in America.  It is a reflection of how the digital world has moved into our lives and in the office space.  Going from industrial might to innovation power has highlighted a shift in crucial skills:  technology integration, design, customer experience, innovative platforms and global fluency. 

The convergence of Telco and IT has created a world of connectivity, networks and platforms.  We are just at the beginning of fully understanding this world of platforms:  Government as a platform,  companies as platforms.  New business practices are filtering inside organisations that will accelerate network sharing, collaborative teams,  outsourcing, open companies.  Middle manager will stress out:  Feeling pressures from off shoring reaching his desk,  while his command stick is being replaced by an orchestra baguette.  

The digital revolution is reaching a new stage, ushered in by Steve Jobs.  It will find a fertile ground in this era of budget cuts and deleveraging.  Quite a legacy.

André Du Sault

Posted in Innovation & organisation, Management ideas, Strategy & globalisation.

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  1. Rennifer says

    Good to see real expreitse on display. Your contribution is most welcome.

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